Department of Human Services Launches Website to Support Marylanders Impacted By Ongoing Partial Federal Shutdown

For Immediate Release:
January 23, 2019

Contact: Katherine Morris


Department of Human Services Launches Website to Support Marylanders
Impacted By Ongoing Partial Federal Shutdown

February SNAP benefits successfully issued in mid-January

BALTIMORE, MD – With the federal government in its fourth week of a partial shutdown, the Maryland
Department of Human Services (DHS) continues to work tirelessly to assist vulnerable residents through
this uncertain time. On January 11, DHS announced it would be able to provide February SNAP benefits
to recipients in Maryland. Additionally, the department recently launched a website with additional
information about benefits to assist citizens.

Referred to as the Food Supplement Program (FSP) in Maryland, there are on average more than
650,000 Marylanders receiving approximately $75 million in FSP assistance each month. The USDA, the
federal agency that funds the SNAP/FSP program, directed Maryland and other states to issue February
benefits earlier than usual. As a result, Maryland FSP recipients obtained both their January and
February benefits on or before January 20.

In advance of the federal disbursement, DHS took a number of steps to ensure that its customers were
notified and prepared for the change in service delivery. Most recently, the agency launched a
comprehensive page on its website to provide information and updates related to the federal shutdown.
A list of community food resources by county, frequently asked questions, a copy of the SNAP/FSP
customer letter, and phone numbers for each of the local departments of social services are just some of
the helpful information DHS provided on its website.

“Like the rest of the nation, our state has not been immune to this unprecedented situation,” said DHS
Secretary Lourdes Padilla. “However, DHS and the State of Maryland remain prepared to tackle the
challenges that face us and we are committed to providing ongoing support our to our vulnerable
residents and local communities.”

As funding for SNAP has not been appropriated by the federal government beyond February, it is critical
to understand the potential hardship that a prolonged federal shutdown could impose upon those in
need. As state leaders continue to call for an end to the federal shutdown, the Maryland Department of
Human Services stands ready to assist vulnerable residents across the state. Important information
regarding resources available to Maryland residents through DHS can be found on the agency’s website, Facebook, and Twitter.


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