Calvert County Officials Sign An Agreement To Enhance The Protection, Safety and Well-being of Children

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Calvert County Officials Sign An Agreement To Enhance The Protection, Safety and Well-being of Children

PRINCE FREDERICK, MD (Nov. 28, 2023) — Calvert County officials from multiple child-serving agencies gathered today to sign and effectuate a legal agreement that established a coordinated process for responding to reported incidents of child abuse and neglect. The agreement, which is updated and signed every 3 years, signifies the continued strong partnership between state and local agency partners working towards the same goal of enhancing child safety in Calvert County.

Calvert County Officials Sign An Agreement To Enhance The Protection, Safety and Well-being of Children

When reports are received that indicate children have been abused or are in danger, multiple state and county agencies play a role to ensure children are safe, that they receive needed services, and that those who abuse children are held accountable. The agreement ensures each agency receives the information it needs to do its part to protect children.

“It’s important that Calvert County residents see the collaboration that goes into a child welfare investigation and to emphasize the agency partners are aligned with a shared goal of keeping the children in the county safe,” said Amye Scrivener, Director of the Calvert County Department of Social Services. “Calvert County is quite fortunate to have leaders that believe that we each have a role and that we need to work as one to best serve victims of child abuse.”

The agreement was signed at the Calvert County Child Advocacy Center by leaders of the Office of the State’s Attorney for Calvert County, Calvert County Sheriff’s Office, Maryland Department of State Police, Calvert County Department of Social Services, Maryland State Department of Education Office of Child Care, Calvert County Board of Education, and Calvert County Department of Health.

Requiring a child to recount their trauma numerous times creates undue hardship and additional trauma. The Calvert County Child Advocacy Center provides a safe and comfortable place where the child and family can be supported. Interviews with child victims are conducted by highly trained professionals and preserved in a way that can be used immediately to ensure safety, and preserved for future needs should the abuser be prosecuted. This child welfare best-practice approach also minimizes the amount of times the child has to explain what has happened.

“This level of coordination is only reached through continued commitment of state and local agencies,’ Scrivener said. “Together, we send a powerful message that child welfare is a shared responsibility, and by working hand-in-hand, we create a safer, more resilient environment for our children to thrive.”

Child protection is a community-wide responsibility. Anyone can report suspected child abuse or neglect. Reports can be made anonymously, and the identity of reporters is protected by Maryland law. To learn about the common signs of possible child abuse or neglect, visit https://dhs.maryland.gov/child-protective-services/reporting-suspected-child-abuse-or-neglect/signs-neglect-abuse/. To report child abuse or neglect, call 1-800-91PREVENT (1-800-917-7383).

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