Department of Human Services Launches Redesigned COVID-19 Webpage to Better Serve Marylanders

August 17, 2020

Media Contact: Katherine Morris

Department of Human Services Launches Redesigned COVID-19 Webpage to Better Serve Marylanders

Webpage Provides a One-Stop Source of Streamlined Information and Services Related to COVID-19

BALTIMORE, MD — In response to the ongoing needs of residents during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Maryland Department of Human Services today launched their redesigned COVID-19 webpage. Having swiftly positioned itself ahead of the digital curve among social services agencies nationally, the Department’s comprehensive COVID-19 webpage was redesigned to further facilitate an easy-to-navigate, customer-friendly experience, with the latest information and resources.

With today’s launch, the COVID-19 Resources webpage distinguishes itself with five clear categories of interest for visitors: Health Resources, Governor’s Ongoing Response, DHS Employee Information, Leave Policies and Payroll Information, and Help for Parents During COVID-19. In addition, the site prominently displays links for “Know the Signs of Child Abuse & Neglect” and “Report Child Abuse & Neglect.” The stay-at-home conditions for much of the duration of the pandemic have coincided with a national uptick in low abuse reportage, and thus the Department remains vigilant and likewise encourages community-wide vigilance and reporting.

“Our website is a critical component of our COVID-19 outreach, education, and support efforts,” said Katherine Morris, Communications Director at the Maryland Department of Human Services. “The redesign was guided by web analytics, usability testing, and feedback from our partners and the public. As a result, the new features and information provided will help visitors quickly and easily find the information they are looking for. We are committed to providing the most useful tools and resources available for Marylanders and our new webpage helps us in achieving this goal.”

Since the page debuted on March 12 of this year, the COVID-19 Resources webpage has been embraced by constituents and the public-at-large seeking practical information for themselves, loved ones, or neighbors caught in a vulnerable state during this pandemic. To date, the webpage has garnered over 43,000 unique pageviews and counting. The Department also tracks what information is being most frequently accessed to ensure visitors to the site can navigate to the resources they need with fewer clicks, which speaks to the ease of customer engagement.

“Throughout this pandemic, we continually ask ourselves, how are the needs of our constituents being met, what are we learning as we evaluate the nation’s response, and how can we evolve as we proactively anticipate and respond to the changing needs of our constituents,” said Lourdes R. Padilla, Secretary of the Maryland Department of Human Services. “Having a flexible design that allows for quickly posting and organizing new information has been a top priority for our Department during this evolving pandemic. Our website equips Marylanders with the most current information and services during what we know is a particularly stressful time for so many.”

To ensure accuracy and timeliness for their constituents, the Maryland Department of Human Services monitors all local and national outlets for valuable resources and information that can contribute to the ongoing development of their COVID-19 Resources webpage.

The latest Departmental updates and COVID-related resources can be found on the Department of Human Services’ website at https://dhs.maryland.gov/coronavirus-covid-19-resources/.

The Maryland Department of Human Services (DHS) is the state’s primary social service provider, annually reaching more than one million people. Through its 24 local departments of social services, the agency pursues opportunities to assist people in economic need, provide preventive services, and protect vulnerable children and adults in each of Maryland’s 23 counties and Baltimore City. Additional information may be found at dhs.maryland.gov.


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